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Speed is paramount; if you donít move faster than the contender you perish.


Speed is paramount; if you donít move faster than the contender you perish.



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The Law of Africa

Make dust or eat dust

When dawn breaks over the grassy savannahs of Africa, the lion and the gazelle both know the challenges of survival. They both know that Africa is a harsh country and that only the fittest survive. The lion knows he has to run faster than the gazelle, and the gazelle knows that he has to run faster than the lion. The game of survival on the savannas of Africa is about outwitting your competitors using special skills and adaptation.

The moral of the story is: When you wake up in Africa you better start running like hell. In Africa you have to keep up with the twists and turns of the gazelle, or go hungry.

This book is not about running, but running faster every day and ultimately be a step ahead of your competitors.


Advice Ė It is wise never to turn your back on a lion, but if you do, you better ensure you run faster than the rest of the herd Ė it is always those at the back that perish.

He, who runs the fastest, eats the most.

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I know no man who succeeds in something he hates.





A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.

Charles Schwab



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The Law of Passion

Passion is Pivotal

Nothing in life is achieved without great commitment, and you see no greater commitment than the members towards the pride. They do not commit to things that only benefit themselves; once a kill is made it is a free-for-all. They put great effort and time into planning and executing the kill for the benefit of the whole pride. They radiate positive energy, which not only inspires themselves, but also the rest of the pride. There is no moaning and groaning and they donít allow negative thoughts to distract their attention.

When people are inspired by, and exited about, what they are doing, enthusiasm comes naturally. You will become so exited about what you are doing, that you wonít be able to keep it for yourself, you just have to share it with other people. You will start radiating a positive vibration permeating others, and sooner than later they will want to share your enthusiasm. You will be able to climb to heights you previously thought unattainable. Remember one thing, you cannot fake it, because passion canít be forced, it comes from within.

I have realized that every successful person I know achieved their success in the area they enjoyed working. They found their passion, devoted themselves to it Ė they do what they love doing. 

You have to live life by your own terms, you have to find your passion and pursue it with passion and you will prevail.

Reminder - Carry your passion with you like a lioness carries her cubs inside her for some months.

 Lions are intensely serious about winning.

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 Watch out Ė this is lion territory.

Comply or Die!!!!





Most of you will not comprehend what I taught you today, but tomorrow you will understand.

 You kill, you eat,

this is the harsh rule of survival.

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The Laws of the African Savanna

The laws of nature govern our universe, whether we are aware of them or not. In the centre is a set of principles or natural laws no-one can ignore. These laws apply regardless, you cannot ignore them, ultimately they will catch up with you - there are no quick fixes.

No single specie in the universe illustrates the understanding and application of these laws better than the lions. Lions understand they cannot change or ignore these fundamentals; these are the rules within which they have to survive.

To kill a buffalo you need numbers, to avoid injury you need to stay away from horns and hoofs. When the rain stays away you have to move closer to waterholes, but when the first raindrops pounce on the bare earth it is time to move to the savannas.

In Africa the lion, buffalo and gazelle roam the savannas of this great continent, and they all know he who runs the fastest lives to run another day. Never ignore the eternal presence of hyenas and vultures; they all want their pound of flesh. He who eats fastest eats the most.

Life on the African savannas is tough, itís lion territory and you always have to take care, if you donít want to be turned into a meal. This is no place for ďsissiesĒ.

In Africa the sun will rise and the sun will set.

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Comply with these fundamentals and you're in,

ignore them and you're out.

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